Chasing the Dragon - Cover - Clear Titles - downsized
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Every great romance teeters upon a love triangle.  What if one of the suitors was a dragon?

Rhiannon is in a quandary.  She’s stumbled upon a dragon that has looked into her eyes, into her very soul.  That one brief glance sends her life spinning out of control.  She has lied to her mother, the Landsrëgerine, about the incident.  She has rebuffed Lucas, her clandestine boyfriend of many months.  And she finds herself acting contrary to her own best judgment.

Lucas determines to mend the upheaval in their relationship. With the help of the Landsrëgerine’s magician, he hopes to locate his reptilian competitor.  But he’s not the only one striving to do away with the scaly beast.  Rhiannon’s mother sends soldiers to track it down.  The Barron Blackwald brings a falconer to scour the skies.  A knight who has already felt the fury of the beast is poised to settle his vendetta. All are bent on killing the dragon; a dragon who has secrets of his own he’d rather keep quiet.

Can love survive the onslaught of so many opposing forces?


CS - DAM - Paperback Front
eBook:  $2.99          paperback:  $9.98

This compilation of short terrors will keep you turning pages, compelling you to reach their conclusions.  And then they’ll drag you back to read them again, to savor the flavor of their insidious ingredients.  Just the kind of quick reads that will linger with you for a lifetime.

What could go wrong for a legal firm if they take on a shady client? — Go on an evening stroll with a werewolf. — Watch a seemingly well-to-do couple, who show us all’s not fair in the battle of the sexes. — Travel to New Orleans for a long ride in an old hotel’s haunted elevator. — The next time your alarm clock goes off at 3am, try to ignore it.

Werewolf and Spiders and Time.  Oh, my!


Attic Treasures - cover
eBook:  $2.99          paperback:  $5.49

Have you ever stumbled upon someone else’s belongings and unearthed a long-lost treasure?

The poetry and haiku I found runs through a gamut of emotions, observations, and styles.  I’m certain you’ll come away from these little treasures with a favorite gem that makes the discovery of it so much sweeter to your soul.

The themes covered are topics such as love (naturally), loss, some ‘darker’ subjects, bullying, an apocalypse, and sets of ‘seasonal’ haiku.  There’s even a bonus story tucked in at the end, and it was difficult to determine if it was real or quasi-autobiographical.  All-in-all, an entertaining read.

The book is thin–not much more than 100 pages–and there are ‘spacer’ pages between most of the poems, for the sake of format and presentation.  There’s a variegated font style that works well with each subject piece.  The cover is matte finish depicting a writing desk in an attic.  Good quality overall.